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White House/Landem Road/Frost Farm

I have not heard anything for a long time about what the town is doing with the White House near the High School.  Anyone know?

Someone mentioned in a blog something about a development on the north side of Route 20 (across the Landem Road intersection with Route 20) being 40B.  I do not recall reading about this in the TC or Patch.  Is this a 40B development?

Finally, it appears there is new farming going on at Frost Farm.  I was under the impression this is toxic land.  Who is farming this and has it been proven it is safe?  Farming on Town land is another big question.  Do the farmers pay the town for it's use?

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Comment by Bulldog Friday on June 24, 2012 at 11:32am

Re:  a development on the north side of Route 20 (across the Landham Road intersection with Route 20) being 40B

Yes, it is.  Located at 192 Boston Post Road, the Landham Crossing development consists of 31 units, 8 of which are considered affordable under 40B.

Project Eligibility Application is available on the town website.  Originally the proposal listed 32 units, exactly meeting the 40B requirement of 25% affordable.

This is another project entirely from the Johnson Farm 40B proposal at 189 Landham Road.

Comment by pmotw on June 20, 2012 at 10:38am

re: Development on route 20. 

Is that the Johnson Farm development?  If so, I didn't think is started yet.

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