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Town Manager's Newsletter: Discussion of the merger of separate Police and Fire Dispatch Centers

The Town Manager has been publishing a newsletter on the Town Website approximately every two weeks starting on March 1, 2012.  The letters are available both under "Latest News" on the town homepage--at least, while they're news--and in the "Documents" on the Town Manager's web page here:

This is a quick way to get the Town Manager's summary of the Board of Selectmen's meeting without watching the entire video or waiting for approved minutes.  

Today's newsletter in addition has a discussion of the Police and Fire Dispatch Center mergers submitted by Bill Miles, Fire Chief, on pages 3 and 4.  To extract a bullet-point summary:

* The cost of the new Police Radio was $ 61,408, paid from this year’s (FY 12) budget.

* The Fire Alarm Box Monitoring System and the Vocal Alarm System will be purchased with funds approved at Town Meeting from next year’s (FY 13) budget. The costs of $ 31,495 and $ 39,255 respectively will be reduced by $ 40,000 in State 911 Grant Funding, resulting in a cost to taxpayers of $ 30,750 for those two pieces of equipment. 

* New phones will be installed [ at the DPW ] at a cost of $ 36,935 while the present DPW phones will be moved to the Fire Department. 

* To operate the Public Safety Dispatch Center, two Civilian Dispatcher positions will be added. 

This specific document is posted here:

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