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Public Hearing by the CPC at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, December 5, at Town Hall

Last summer Governor Patrick signed changes to the Community Preservation Act (CPA) into law.  Some of those changes are described here:

Because of the changes to eligible uses for recreational facilities, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR), which oversees the CPA, suggests holding a public hearing to discuss local recreational priorities. As long as Park & Rec is bringing forth their project list, CPC wanted to consider other potential uses for CPA funding as well. 

This is not the normal review of specific projects proposed for 2013 Annual Town Meeting to decide which the CPC recommends.  It's trying to get a handle on all the projects currently envisioned for CPC by many different stakeholders over the next several years.

Plus, it's a hearing.  People, with the permission of the chair, can speak and ask questions.

Consider attending.

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