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Organization of the Sudbury Sewer District??

At the May 22, Board of Selectmen's meeting Selectman Haarde described work proposed by the Sudbury Route 20 Sewer Steering Committee (SSC).

The SSC proposes to interview the Town Manager (Maureen Valente) and the Director of Public Works (Bill Place) on how they see the proposed Sewer District being organized.  Then the SSC would like to get on the agenda of a meeting of the Sudbury Water District to discuss Sewer District organization with them.

The possibilities are:

1) Stand-alone Sewer District (independent, similar to the current status of the Water District).

2) Sewer District part of (subordinate to) the Water District

3) Sewer District part of the Town of Sudbury

4) Sewer District part of the DPW, which in turn is part of the Town of Sudbury

Selectman O'Brien suggested that #2 might be furthered to include making the Water District/Sewer District part of the Town, but Selectman Haarde said that was outside the scope of his committee. The BOS could do that; the SSC couldn't.

If you are interested in this issue you should keep an eye on the Water District meeting agenda to see when the matter is placed on the agenda.

You can view the discussion at the May 22 BOS meeting from 8:30 to 12:30 (total of four minutes) in the first segment of the recording here:

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Comment by a macentee on June 8, 2012 at 6:34pm

I still have not seen a definitieve study with cost/benefits of hooking up with MWRA.  Framingham line is very close both on Landham and Nobscott. 

Compare this with building and maintain sewer,etc.  Seems to me the keep it in Sudbury politics may not be justified on cost/benefit basis

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