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Melone Gravel Pit Concept Designs

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Comment by Bulldog Friday on June 2, 2011 at 4:48pm

I observe that the design with sewer proposes 94 units on the property, but that the design without sewer limits the site to 36 units.  While increased residential density in Sudbury on Route 117 may require zoning changes, lack of sewer significantly decreases the density that can be proposed.  

The executive summary does not mention that the Melone site is within a Zone II of Sudbury and Concord town wells, but this is stated in the report itself.

The executive summary in the Melone Report is quoted below (underline mine).

1.0 Executive Summary

The Melone property is a 46.6 acre property off North Road (Rt. 117), which is currently the site of the town’s gravel pit, and is directly adjacent to a parcel of land owned by the Sudbury Water district. Of the site’s total acreage, approximately 16.4 acres is located in the Town of Concord, much of which is wetlands and/or riverfront property. The Town is interested in developing the Sudbury property for a mixed use of multi-family residential and active recreation facilities. Six concept plans are presented. The first three were designed to achieve maximum density residential development on the site, but after rough pricing on the sewage treatment facility that would be required, it was decided to reduce residential density to allow for a septic system (albeit a large one), and increase the athletic field use. This combination use is appropriate and feasible for the site, which because of its highly disturbed nature (active gravel pit), would not be appropriate for passive recreational uses. However, the site would likely need to be re-zoned for these proposed uses, as it is currently zoned Research District, which does not allow the housing or athletic fields being planned, unless they are both designated “municipal uses”.


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