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Do you want an increase in the Massachusetts gas tax to fund the MBTA?

Check out  (That's "Fix The T".)

This is the budget calculator app which allows you to come up with your own method of filling the MBTA's $161 budget gap for FY 2013.  And tucked away at the bottom is the "Increase the gas tax by 1 cent per gallon" option.  A second option is to raise the gas tax by 2 cents per gallon.

Currently, out of roughly six hundred fifty poll respondents, about four hundred have selected one of these options.

MAPC is the Metropolitan Area Planning Council--the regional planning agency for the greater Boston metropolitan area. This group, and this poll, definitely have weight with the legislature.  

I predict that increasing the gas tax will come up next spring as part of an "adult conversation" about transportation funding in the legislature.  This will not occur until after the elections this coming fall.  The responses to this poll will help assess the public appetite for gas tax increases.

There are plenty of other options for balancing the MBTA's budget, and I see a number of better options than raising the gas tax.  Please take five minutes to submit the poll.  If you don't want the gas tax increase, choose other options.  Make yourself heard.

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Comment by Sio on March 13, 2012 at 6:29am

No BD - I do not want anymore taxes piled onto my price per gallon!!  We either already pay more for taxes per gallon than gas or we are pretty darn close.

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