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Email from Christin Hogan urging support for Scott Nassa...

Christine Hogan
1:46 PM (6 hours ago)
to Christine
I encourage you all to get out and vote Monday and cast your vote for Scott Nassa for SPSC.
In addition to the details found in his announcement letter (, Scott has been part of the 3-5 movement from the beginning and active in ensuring this vital measure is passed in Sudbury.  Through the election process people from both sides of the campaign have emphasized a need for the SPSC to work with our other governing bodies including the BOS, FinCom, and Zoning Board.  Scott already does this as he attends their meetings frequently and is vocal and active in many areas of our town's politics.  There is no question: the candidate for the future of Sudbury Schools in 2013 is Scott Nassa.
We all moved to Sudbury at least in part because of the schools.  It has become clear to me that the quality of education and reputation of our schools has declined over the past few years.  There are many contributing factors to this but the status quo is clearly in need of change.  If you feel that we could do better, our children deserve better, then you must vote for Scott Nassa Monday.  Any other option will simply mean more of the same. 
Thank you for ensuring Sudbury receives the best care possible.  Please feel free to forward this on to your friends and neighbors.  See you at the polls Monday.
Christine Hogan

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